Lara Allen
Owner, Nonprofit Navigators
I highly recommend Claudine Land and Virtual Ingenuity, LLC. She added value to me personally and to my business within the first conversation. By the end of the second conversation with her, I had actionable steps to take to move my business forward. She has the ability to see the big picture and identify a path to your goals. She provides the right combination of motivation and kindness.
Yalanda Howard, AGNP- BC
Wholehearted Adult Health NP, PLLC
I had a great experience with Claudine. She was available throughout the whole content writing process. She was not satisfied until she knew that I was satisfied with the final product. Her true focus and strong dedication is so difficult to find these days. I highly recommend Virtual Ingenuity, LLC. I will be using Claudine's talent again.
David W. Fuller, MBA, FACHE
The Clinic of Gadsden PC
Virtual Ingenuity, LLC performed an outstanding job of assisting our organization in communicating to our stakeholders a specific message thru writing blog articles for postings over the past year. We are not experts in communicating our message, but Claudine and Virtual Ingenuity, LLC assisted us along the way to insure our message was appropriately communicated, in a succinct and concise manner. They are willing to write, and when necessary re-write, communication that are “spot on”. They have been professional and understanding all along the way. Thank you, Virtual Ingenuity, LLC and specifically Claudine, for your assistance. We could not have done it without you. Thank you.
Sean Galloway
Chief of Operations, Travel Curious
Claudine was a pure joy to collaborate with! The quality that stood out most to me with Claudine was her focus on the experience for her clients. Every detail was meticulously scrutinized to ensure her guests had the best experience and memories that would last a lifetime. Claudine is a pleasure to deal with, focused, personable and genuine. I am sure we will be working together on many more projects in the future!
Ravoyl Land
Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual
What can I say! The level of service and responsiveness has been nothing short of exceptional. My needs center around maintaining relationships with clients and prospective clients through connecting with them on special occasions. Claudine has been very instrumental in helping get communications like handwritten birthday cards out in a very timely fashion. Customer feedback has been overwhelming! This has been so helpful in impacting the health of my business. I cannot say thank you enough!
Martin A. Briggs
Executive Nurse Staffing Director, ATC Healthcare Services of North Central Alabama
Thank you so much for this extremely valuable report! I share this with the school staffing team and the message brought so much comfort to us. You are truly a blessing to us polling our clients and letting them know we care about them…your attention to detail Claudine is amazing! Thank you so much for being so awesome at connecting with our clients…we are so much better with you for sure!
Jeff Hyman
CEO, StrongSuit
Talent is my business, and Claudine has plenty of it! It’s hard to find a reliable & versatile assistant with attention to detail. Claudine hasn’t let me down once yet. And I don’t see that changing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her - in fact, I have.
Rick Singleton
Owner, Plexamedia
Claudine has done a wonderful job helping us organize our projects. She facilitates client communication between our team and clients resulting in projects staying on track. She knows how to integrate herself into a team and has increased our productivity substantially. We are very pleased and enthusiastically recommend her.
DeAnn O’Donovan
CEO, Arbor Street
Claudine has been great to work with. She is proactive and has great communication and organizational skills. I’m sure we will work with her again in the future.
Yanick Hicks
Speaker and Executive Coach, The John Maxwell Team
Claudine is an exceptional person. She is meticulous and always goes above and beyond to add value to others. She always puts me first and is very helpful. She truly values people and is a positive influence. Due to my meeting and interaction with her, I've made valuable connections with others that have helped me to grow my business significantly. She's not only a phenomenal business person but a friend indeed. I highly recommend her.
Antonia Williams
Doctor of Obstetrics
It is a pleasure working with Claudine Land. She is attentive and personable. She helps to instill confidence as she helps me to clarify my goals. I am also impressed with her ability to help me organize my life and my thoughts. I look forward to continuing to work with her to help my visions come to life.
Karrie Klimas
Self-Discovery Life Mastery Coach and Great People Skills Workshop Trainer
It was a great pleasure working with Claudine every week and guiding her in achieving her personal and business goals. She’s very genuine, brilliant, and committed to serving her clients with excellence. She values her own personal self-care as well as her amazing family/friend connections and loves creating win-win outcomes for everyone around her. She is truly an inspiration and magnificent leader.
Sharyse Griffin
Realtor, SoldBySharyse
Claudine has been wonderful from our very first consultation and through our first week working together. She is task-oriented, results driven, and has been very patient and responsive with me. I look forward to our working relationship and I'm excited to see how my business grows while with her on my team!
Linda Kazares
Professional Photographer, Linda Kazares Photography
Claudine is a person you can count on. When she says she’ll do something for and with you she goes beyond expectations to deliver. She will lift you up with her optimistic and generous soul.
Dr. Kayla L. Briggs
Executive Administrator, ATC Healthcare Services of North Central Alabama
Virtual Ingenuity has increased our ability to get more done week-to-week, month-to-month and quarter-to-quarter than would be possible with our team alone. We have greatly benefited from this service and believe our clients experience a personal touch that is unmatched.
Dawn Atlee-Carter
Data Abstractor Lead, Wellstar Health System
I utilized Virtual Ingenuity, LLC to revamp an outdated resume. The experience was pleasant and professional. Mrs. Land provided a detail oriented, well planned service from beginning to end. The final product was delivered promptly and was expertly tailored to meet my business needs. I highly recommend Virtual Ingenuity, LLC.