LivOn Journey Camp

After survivors ring the bell, providing the appropriate support becomes paramount for fostering self-discovery and individual development. Enter LivOn Journey Camp, a 501 (c ) (3) organization fully committed to aiding survivors in uncovering their purpose, gaining insight into their journey, and embracing personal growth. With a dedicated focus, LivOn Journey Camp offers a nurturing haven spanning two days for survivors to foster connections, facilitate engagement, empower release, and ignite aspirations to become the ultimate expression of oneself post-survivorship.

Our Strategy

Elevating LivOn Journey Camp Through Strategic Affiliation and Website Enhancement

One of the standout attributes that elevate LivOn Journey Camp above other survivor programs is our exclusive affiliation with the sole certified cancer coach in Alabama. At the heart of Virtual Ingenuity’s marketing strategy was the launch of a comprehensive website, strategically designed to amplify LivOn Journey Camp’s visibility among the intended audience. Our primary goal was to craft compelling content that not only captured the audience’s attention but also resonated with them, effectively conveying the core mission of LivOn Journey Camp in a relatable manner.

Taking the lead in website development, Virtual Ingenuity, LLC aimed to create an online platform where survivors could feel an immediate connection, empowering them to confidently participate in LivOn Journey Camp. Our focus was on fostering an environment of open sharing within the group, enabling survivors to embark on their path of survivorship with authenticity.

The website was meticulously crafted to showcase genuine survivor experiences and designed with the flexibility to accommodate future expansion. It featured dedicated sections for sponsorships and support, a captivating image gallery, and highlights of community events and upcoming collaborative endeavors.

Expanding Content Services to Ensure Ongoing Support for LivOn Journey Camp Initiatives Post-Website Launch

After the website’s launch, we extended content writing services to secure funding for the continuous sustenance of LivOn Journey Camp’s mission.

“Thank you so much for this extremely valuable report! I share this with the school staffing team and the message brought so much comfort to us. You are truly a blessing to us polling our clients and letting them know we care about them…your attention to detail Claudine is amazing! Thank you so much for being so awesome at connecting with our clients…we are so much better with you for sure!”

JoLanda Harris

Certified Cancer Coach, LivOn Journey Camp

The Results

By executing a comprehensive website development strategy to enhance visibility and deliver top-notch content writing services, LivOn Journey Camp successfully secured sponsorships from renowned foundations and secured substantial funding exceeding $39,000. Furthermore, as a result of our endeavors, we have enabled 18 more survivors to embrace the path of survivorship, building upon the initial pilot group of six at LivOn Journey Camp. Presently, the September and October LivOn Journey Camps are fully reserved to host an additional 12 cancer survivors in their journey to “liv” and thrive.