Plexamedia is a website and SEO company in Birmingham, Alabama, built on high trust relationships. That is what they incorporate to each client seeking Custom Website Design and Support. Integrated Targeted Advertising, Search Engine, Email, and Social Media Marketing, are services provided by this renowned company founded by Rick Singleton as Singleton Technology in 2006. Focus on Content and Video SEO is standard practice for Plexamedia clients digital marketing campaigns.

Our Strategy

Project Management for Greater Team Efficiency

Plexamedia has been able to keep up with the everchanging internet growth and demand by providing up-to-date website services with top-notch team members. Implementation of an exceptional and effective project management system, administration, and superior communicative client feedback to build trust is Virtual Ingenuity, LLC’s lead role. Direct communication with Plexamedia’s clients to solidify deadlines for timely completion of each project is imperative and was successfully accomplished. The ability to manage website details, demonstrate client needs assessment, and interconnect those needs successfully to Plexamedia’s team of designers for increased profitability and client satisfaction is what Virtual Ingenuity, LLC does best.

Content Writing for Enhanced Blogs and Website Engagement

Engaging content impacts viewers, increases brand messaging, and is one of the most significant factors that determines the growth and success of a business. Virtual Ingenuity, LLC’s effective use of SEO optimized content writing and ability to seek out and provide essential suggestions for content improvement to Plexamedia’s client blogs, websites, and case studies made a significant increase in driving client website traffic and further solidified Plexamedia’s mission.

“Claudine has done a wonderful job helping us organize our projects. She facilitates client communication between our team and clients resulting in projects staying on track. She knows how to integrate herself into a team and has increased our productivity substantially. We are very pleased and enthusiastically recommend her”.

Rick Singleton

Owner, Plexamedia

The Results

Virtual Ingenuity’s application of an indispensable project management system with honest and direct communication and feedback with Plexamedia clients enabled add-on client services and boosted Pleaxamedia’s prominent stance in the web development industry.