Setting up Your Business for Remote Collaboration

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Having a flexible work location is an important factor for most business professionals and business owners. Post-COVID, there’s an expectation of this. Many businesses are not going back to having a full staff in the office. The switch for some businesses may be a challenge, however, it can yield great results. Here are some important things to consider and tips that may help make the transition easier:

1. Adhere to remote guidelines and policies

It is important to have clear guidelines and policies that are tailored to your business protocol for remote employees. Make sure they are consistent, easy to follow, and make sense. Some policies may outline communication etiquette, home office setup, and device security.

2. Carve out time for regular and recurring virtual meetings

Scheduled staff or weekly update meetings are essential to staying abreast of project status. Team meetings will keep everyone in the loop, help to remain organized, and increase efficiency. This is especially important for teams that work closely together. Remember, the busier you are, the more frequent communication is required.

3. Find the right software solutions

A scheduling software should be one of the most important tools in your business. It enables teams located in various time zones to collaborate seamlessly and schedule virtual appointments with clients. Multiple staff members should be able to participate in virtual calls and webinars straight from their calendar and in several easy steps.

4. Meet people

Make sure to connect with people. There should be plenty of opportunities for social interaction such as an annual retreat or professional development workshop.

Organizing a remote team’s productive collaboration is significantly different than managing staffers that are physically present in the office. With the right knowledge and encouragement, your remote workers will be disciplined and focused on getting their work done to ensure productivity.


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