Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance

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We all know that it’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance. But, how do we actually do it successfully?

Here are some helpful tips:


Focus on your strengths and outsource other tasks

We can’t possibly do everything. As a business owner, it can be tempting to try to do everything yourself all the time. Instead, focus on the things in which you excel and leverage those into bigger results. It simply makes more sense and saves you money in the long run to outsource the things that someone else can do more effectively.

Prioritize your time

Categorize your tasks into four categories:

  • urgent and important. Get these tasks done first no matter what.
  • important but not urgent. These are secondary tasks. Schedule these tasks.
  • urgent but not important. These are someone else’s problems. Outsource these tasks.
  • neither urgent nor important. Some of these really aren’t tasks after all. If not, delete them.

Carve out personal time

Make time for yourself. Make this a “must-do” and not a “should-do”. Set work-free times throughout your day or work week. This may require you to log off your computer and not check your work phone for a certain time period. If you have a lot of screen time, give your eyes a break by closing them for a few minutes or looking at something non-digital. You may want to participate in exercises such as walking or yoga. Engage in an activity that really makes you happy.

Make your workspace for you

Invest in equipment that will support your work and well-being to improve productivity. A comfortable, ergonomic chair and desk may help your posture. Smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets can help you stay organized and efficient. Get a plant. Having lots of plants in your workspace creates visual stimulation, helps produce cleaner air, and it may motivate you to be more energetic and creative. Keep your workspace clean and invest in a good organizational system to stay clutter-free.

Do what you love

Make time for something you love and give it the time it deserves. Read a book that relaxes you or an article that you’ve been meaning to read. Make sure that it’s something you enjoy. Self-care, taking care of mind, body, and spirit, shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be a priority.

Your health and well-being are invaluable investments. Feeling mentally and physically well can lead to long-term business success and can be the key to taking your business to new heights.


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