Business Blunders and How to Avoid Them

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There are challenges that come with being a business owner or leading a workforce team. It can be stressful especially when trying to hire, manage, and motivate your team. If proper practices aren’t put in place and followed, the business or team can fall short of demonstrating the following leadership behaviors.

Coaching and Development

It’s the leader’s role to encourage team members, even when a mistake is made. Offer effective coaching and development to grow your team. This is especially important as we recover from COVID. You never want your team to develop an attitude or even worse, leave. It is your responsibility as a leader to provide an enriching environment that helps your team to be successful. This can be in the form of ongoing training for a particular program or project, or even a monthly social gathering that creates a relaxed environment where team members can get to know one another on a personal basis.


If you tend to micromanage and find yourself “doing more because I can get it done right” rather than “letting it go”, then you are not trusting your team or delegating as you should. This type of behavior can come across to your team as you having lack of trust in them, causing uncertainty in the work environment. Don’t be afraid to delegate the skillset that you lack to help your team grow in their abilities. According to the Eisenhower Matrix, delegate items that are urgent but not important. Everyone has their own strengths. Consider it an opportunity for you to find the best in your team to optimize their long-term growth. Remember, the goal of hiring is to fill a gap. Leverage your team’s expertise.


Sometimes our personal life affects our business life. There should be a good balance of both. Find time to connect on a personal level with your team. Set aside a time monthly or quarterly for team building sessions. Depending on the size of your team, find out how they are feeling on a personal level before getting down to business. A warm greeting and short conversation can be helpful and fosters a means of connecting personally with each team member. This may encourage you to better understand them and build stronger, healthier relationships. It makes them feel that you care and that they are important to you and this overall makes a stronger team. Kindness goes a long way to achieving the supportive team that makes a strong impact.

Practice the above skills to build a strong rapport and a high-quality team that will support you in your next phase of business growth and success.


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